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The Nonprofit FAQ: International Organizations

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Australia and the UK
Two universities offer programs about nonprofits.
Are there advanced educational opportunities in East & Central Europe?
Scholars are working to assemble a listing; here is a report of progress.
Are there email lists for international development work?
A couple of resources are listed here.
Are there scholarly journals in the field?
Several are listed here by a long-term scholar and observer in the field; additional notes describe other publications.
Can a non-US organization receive tax deductible donations?
Deductions may be taken from US personal income tax only for gifts to US organizations; some gifts to Canada, Mexico and Israel may also qualify.
How can I find a list of all nonprofit organizations?
No single list of nonprofits is available. This item offers some suggestions of ways to look for information about organizations online.
Information on Fundraising in the UK.
WWW pages for UK charity fundraisers.
Nonprofit Support Organizations
Resources for nonprofit organizations that are active internationally and in countries throughout the world.
Resources for nonprofit organizations in Canada
A list of websites and other information helpful to nonprofit organizations in Canada.
Where I can learn about volunteering overseas?
There are several online resources.