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The Nonprofit FAQ: Philanthropy

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A Classified List of Key Texts
Prepared by a former student at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.
Books That Give Background on Nonprofits for Donors
The 'Library' at this site has a short list at
Can I set up a corporate foundation for my company?
There are lots of things to worry about.
Creating a community foundation
Advice and observations on starting a foundation to work in a specific community.
Do Foundations Ever Go Out of Existence?
Some are set up that way by the founders. The Markey Foundation produced a handbook on the process of dissolution - From Foundation News and Commentary.
Does a strong nonprofit sector make any difference?
Discussion of the connection between 'civil society' and nonprofit organizations.
Donor Basics
A compilation of FAQ items just for donors in the United States including tips and resources for responsible giving, explanations of what types of donations are deductible, and lists of nonprofit organizations worldwide.
How Much is Enough?
A brief essay on philosophical approaches to measuring one's moral responsibilities toward others.
How to start a foundation
Starting a foundation is pretty much like starting any sort of nonprofit. The details are probably even more important.
Indiana University's Philanthropic Studies Library
Many research tools for this extensive collection are available online.
Stereotypes of Philanthropy in Popular (?) Culture
Suggestions of books, etc., that portray nonprofit work for better or worse.
The Tax Implications of Planned Giving
Helping Yourself and Your Favorite Community Organizations (From the Seattle Times October 15, 1998. By David Keene, CPA, and David Endicott. Reprinted with permission.)
What are the current trends in philanthropy in this tough economy?
The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University calculates a semiannual fundraising confidence index. This item also offers thoughts on redesigning a fundraising strategy for these difficult times.
What policies should we have about planned giving?
Organizations and donors both need a framework; this item links to some examples.
What should we say to our employees about philanthropy?
The key is wanting to give, not having to.