The Nonprofit FAQ: Service Learning

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Compare and contrast volunteering and service learning
A university career center's explanation
What is service learning?
Discussions of several topics concerning students engaged in community service.
What schools have a service learning program?
References to projects around the country
What US schools offer BA & graduate programs on nonprofits?
Links to lists of graduate programs and some information about undergraduate opportunities.
Where can I find information about service learning
Online bibligraphies of research reports and other useful information
Where can I find information on volunteer program management?
Several websites provide information directly and pointers to other resources.
Where can I learn more about service learning programs?
A couple of useful links
Who is service learning appropriate for?
Listing different groups that can be involved
Why should I volunteer?
Because it is satisfying to do useful work that benefits others or the community and because volunteering offers many benefits and opportunities for the people who participate.