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The Nonprofit FAQ: Terminology

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Basic definitions for advertising, marketing, public relations, e-com
Advertising, promotion, marketing, public relations, publicity, sales and e-commerce -- what are they? How are they done?
How Much is Enough?
A brief essay on philosophical approaches to measuring one's moral responsibilities toward others.
Is there a difference between 'nonprofit' and 'not-for-profit'?
Both terms are frequently used and frequently seen. There is no firmly established distinction, though some people have strong preferences between them.
What are nonprofit incubators?
Organizations that help foster the development of young nonprofits are called 'incubators.' Often they operate a building with shared common facilities.
What is a Donation?
A 'donation' is a gift of money or property to a nonprofit organization.
What is a Frequently Asked Questions File (FAQ)?
In this case, an archive of interesting online discussions and resource files prepared for this site by various contributors.
What is a manager? leader? supervisor? executive?
Defnitions of key terms in management from the Free Management Library at
What is service learning?
Discussions of several topics concerning students engaged in community service.
What is Strategic Planned Giving?
A noted practitioner distinguishes between 'estate planning' -- what individuals do -- and the need for organizations to think strategically about how to connect with people who might include charitable gifts in their estates.
What is training? learning? development?
Descriptions of key terms in training and development at the Free Management Library
Will a trademark protect my organization's name on the net?
Having a registered trademark is a help, but registering your name for internet use is also a good idea