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The Nonprofit FAQ: Websites

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Can I access net resources like the web and gopher with email?
You can use email to access various Internet tools and facilities using this guide. If nothing else, it's quite interesting.
Can I get information on volunteer opportunities online?
Discussion of some sites on the WWW that link to many volunteer opportunities.
Can we seek inkind donations online?
Some suggestions of straightforward techniques.
Comprehensive collection of resources about using Web
Various perspectives on basics, designing, building, managing, evaluating and promoting a Web site.
How can I Find a Low Cost Host for a Web Site?
There are free hosting services. But for a website that can be a real resource, it may be better to find the money to pay the relatively small costs involved.
How can I get general information on community and free nets?
Many community networks provide significant assistance with online projects for other nonprofits in their area.
How can I plan a communications program for my nonprofits' work?
A website offers a free tool for careful planning of communications efforts.
How can one attract attention to a new web site?
Suggestions, including references to other material online, for appropriate promotion of WWW sites.
How can We Find an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Look on the web and talk with other organizations in your area that use the 'net.
How can we get a .org domain name for our website?
Domain names are organized by registrars. The Public Interest Registry manages the .org domain.
How do volunteers use blogs?
For that matter, what is a blog? Volunteers (and anyone else) can use these personal websites to report experiences, opinions, and interesting finds. For better or worse.
How do you get started writing a proposal?
Simple, quick tips to for quick starts.
How much leeway should a website editor have?
A website is an important way of presenting an organization to friends and strangers. When staff and volunteers can't agree on its content, what should be done?
How to Choose a Service to Process Donations Online
IdealWare has a thorough discussion on the web.
Information on Fundraising in the UK.
WWW pages for UK charity fundraisers.
Is there a toll-free phone number for the I.R.S.?
Yes. And there are other ways to get information from the IRS as well.
Is there information about foundations on the Web?
More and more foundations are making information about their activities, including grants, available online.
Local Organizations State-by-State: A through M
A listing of statewide associations of nonprofits and other organizations active in the sector that work primarily at the state level.
Local Organizations State-by-State: N through Z
A listing of statewide associations of nonprofits and other organizations active in the sector that work primarily at the state level.
Nonprofit News Sites
This item contains a list of nonprofit news sites and related publications.
Nonprofit Resource Websites
Links to a few of the many resources for nonprofits on the Internet.
Online Resources on Management in General
Management is a huge topic. Here is a list of some online resources that address management questions that apply to organizations of all types.
Online services for volunteers and volunteer programs offers a broad introduction and links to other websites about volunteering.
Various nonprofit email lists, newsletters and discussion groups
Listing of nonprofit listservs, newsletters and discussion groups about a wide range of nonprofit topics
What about 'charity malls' or 'shop-to-give' websites?
Discussions of the pros and cons of encouraging supporters to do their online purchasing at websites that support charities with part of their revenue.
What About Nonprofit Charity Auctions Online?
Ideas for using existing auction facilities as a fund-raising tool.
What About Posting 990s and Other IRS Forms Online?
A new website discusses related questions and offers space for organizations to do this if they wish.
What is a Frequently Asked Questions File (FAQ)?
In this case, an archive of interesting online discussions and resource files prepared for this site by various contributors.
What is an ASP and why should nonprofits care?
Allison Schwein explores the new Internet thing for the year 2000.
What laws apply to telemarketing?
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Telemarketing Sales Rule may both apply here.
What use is the Internet to a nonprofit organization (NPO)?
Several different observers offer their opinions.
What's involved in financial management?
Online resources for assisting nonprofits achieve sound financial management.
Where are environmental NPO jobs listed?
Internet resources for advertising and locating npo employment opportunities related to the environment.
Where are general lists of nonprofit jobs?
General purpose internet resources for advertising and locating NPO employment opportunities.
Where are jobs in medicine; social work; law; and education listed?
Internet resources for advertising and locating npo employment opportunities in medicine, social work, law and education.
Where are nonprofit jobs listed?
There are lots of online resources. This item links to several lists.
Where are nonprofit jobs suitable for students listed?
Internet resources for advertising and locating npo employment opportunities specifically for students.
Where are regional and local nonprofit jobs listed?
Internet resources for advertising and locating npo employment opportunities that are organized for regions and localities.
Where are useful nonprofit & fundraising resources on the net?
An annotated list of resources of interest or use to nonprofits.
Where can I find general searching resources on the net?
There are many different approaches to searching for useful information online. This article offers links to popular search sites and to discussions of search strategy.
Where can I find information about capital campaigns?
Online outlines of the process from campaign consultants and contract managers.
Where can I find information about service learning
Online bibligraphies of research reports and other useful information
Where can I find information on volunteer program management?
Several websites provide information directly and pointers to other resources.
Where can I post volunteer opportunities (want ads) online?
There are several choices; these webpages list many.
Where can we post our Form 990 online?
Regulations effective 6/8/99 require nonprofits to provide copies of their 990s on request. One way to do it is to post an exact copy of the report as filed with the IRS.
Where to start when creating a nonprofit
Resources and advice for use at the very beginning.