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Help us understand your programs and their impact! Part I is for describing your programs in more detail. If you are in [list states] and already have your information updated in it's [name org.] 2-1-1 system, you need do nothing further. If you wish to update your profile, the 2-1-1 system will be automatically notified.

Part II, the Outcome Indicator Selector, can be used to help you identify indicators that will work for your organization. Once you've completed this section, we will link you to resources for tracking this information on a regular basis.

Part III (separate page probably) is where you go to enter your program's outcome information.

Part I: Service Information

Service description:
Program activity classification:   (Click here for list of codes.)
Hours of operation:
Location/site(s) of service (if applicable):
Primary geographic area(s) (Fomat: zipcodes: 00000,11111... counties: 0000,00000 or click here for a dropdown list.):
Are people living outside the area eligible?
Eligibility requirements:
Population served   (Select as many as apply.)
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"; } ?>

Part II: Outcome Selector

How do track the results of your work? Interested in publicizing your results? Comparing them to similar organizations? Creating a Peer Learning Community of like-minded nonprofits to better understand what works and what doesn't? If so, we hope that you will complete this section.

The Urban Institute in conjunction with the Center for What Works have developed Outcome Indicators in fourteen major activity areas. We encourage you to select indicators from among these lists. Other resources are available here.

Select the outcome domain:
Select the outcome period (short/long-term):
(NOTE: The next 2 lists should be dynamically generated based on the domain selection above.)
Select the outcome indicator type:
Select the outcome indicators:

Part III: Track Outcome Indicators

Outcome 1: Improve school achievement
Indicator 1: Grades   Period/date:
Indicator 2: Teacher evaluations   Period/date:
Indicator 3: Student evaluation   Period/date:
Outcome 2: Improve physical fitness
Indicator 1: ....
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