Access Connecticut Community Indicator Data

Connecticut social indicator data in a powerful mapping software at your fingertips: Access data on Connecticut social indicators to help with your strategic planning and public policy making, and giving context and rational for telling your story. provides four methods for accessing Connecticut social indicator data on its site.

The Data Catalog
The Data Catalog which facilitates access to all available indicators through basic or advanced search capabilities. Click on the video link above to learn more.

Weave IT!
CTData makes available several basic views of the data in bar chart, map and data table formats. Advanced Weave enables users to create and save their own visualizations. The Gallery enables sharing of a growing list of user created data visualizations. Click on the video link above to learn more.

Knowledge Center
The Knowledge Center provides detailed information on each indicator and documentation fo data use and development efforts can be posted. Users can access the Knowledge Center record of an indicator at any time by clicking on the question next to the indicator name.

Customized Data Portals partners with initiatives and communities to create customized data portals which present data specific to a particular sector or geographic area (e.g. Coastal Fairfield County, Early Childhood Data, and Municipal Economic Data)