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Bridge to Success

Waterbury’s current Bridge to Success plan and partnership was developed out of the chaos that existed with over 50 child and youth serving organizations in the city of Waterbury supporting its children and youth, each with their own different strategic plan addressing child and youth issues. Links were not being made and Waterbury’s children weren’t ready for kindergarten, were reading poorly, and some didn’t even graduate from high school. In 2010, key representatives from these organizations and funders formed a partnership and committed to a common agenda in order to improve coordination among all of the different strategic plans and create Bridge to Success, the state’s first cradle to career youth plan, to assure that Waterbury’s youth succeed in school, work and life.

More than 80 Bridge to Success partners now work in harmony developing new systems, pooling and sharing resources, and working collaboratively on grants. Partners agreed upon common goals and work together to promote early literacy, promote and support positive mental health in children and youth, promote healthy nutrition and physical activity, and promote, support, and nurture parent/caregiver skills as their child’s first, or main, teacher. These partners build and maintain the necessary bridges to assure that Waterbury’s youth are ready for kindergarten, are reading well by grade three, and graduation from high school. Over time, positive changes in these community indicators will show that Waterbury’s youth are succeeding in school, work and life.

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How we measure our progress:
% Children at Level 3 in Social/Emotional Skills on K Inventory
% Children in Grade 3 at or above Goal (or Proficiency) on CMT Reading Scores
% of Youth Graduating from High School

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