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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q: What is SHARE lehigh valley?

A: SHARE lehigh valley is a web-based tool to educate the community about organizations and community needs of the Lehigh Valley. Those wishing to volunteer, contribute, and/or collaborate with organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Lehigh Valley will find SHARE a wonderful resource.

Q: Who can use SHARE lehigh valley?

A: SHARE lehigh valley can be used by everyone as a resource of information regarding area services, non-profit organizations and local needs.

SHARE can be used by:

  • General Public – to search for programs and services in their communities.
  • Non-Profit Organizations – to edit and update their organization profiles and list shared resources needed.  Account registration is required and is free.
  • For-Profit Organizations – to add shared resources for non-profit organizations and to research non-profits in the community.  Account registration is required and is free.

Q: What is the source of non-profit information on the site?

A: The National Center for Charitable Statistics created a database using data from the IRS.  Any non-profit organization in the Lehigh Valley that filed a Form 990 is in the database.

Q: How do I search for an organization?

A: To search for an organization, type the organization name in the search box.  In the search results, click View, to open the organization’s profile.  There you will see various information about the organization.

Q: My search contains multiple profiles for the same organization. Why?

A: An organization search will produce multiple results for the same organization but will link to the one single profile.  The results will reflect each of the programs listed in the organization's profile.

If the information looks different per profile, please contact

Q: How do I search for a program?

A: To search for a program, type a program keyword (ex. Nutrition) into the search box.  The search results will include all organizations with a program based on that keyword.


Q: How do I register for the site?

A: Registration is free and allows both a non-profit and for-profit organization to contribute to the site.

Create an account to access Share lehigh valley by clicking Register Now in the top, right-hand corner of the site. You will be prompted to provide information and can choose a username and password. 

Non-profit organizations will have access to the Profile and Shared Resources section of the website.  For-profit organizations will have access to the Shared Resources sections of the website.

Q: Once I register for an account, what's my next step?

A. Once registered it will be important to search for your organization on SHARE lehigh valley to determine if you need to update an already-existing profile on the site or create a new profile

On the homepage you can enter your organization's name in the search box to determine if you have a profile on the site.  If your organization comes up, the profile can be edited using the help below. 

If your organization does not come up in a search, please try an EIN Number search.  If your site does not come up on SHAREplease follow the instructions below to add your organization.

Q: My non-profit’s information is incorrect.  How can this be fixed?

A: Non-profit information is downloaded from the IRS Form 990 submitted by the organization. If the information is incorrect, it can be edited by updating the profile.  Log into your account (or follow the steps above to create an account), Search and click View to open the profile for your organization. Click Edit.  Items such as address, program locations, mission and program descriptions can be updated.  The information in the Details & 990 tabs will be updated every time you submit your 990 to the IRS. This information cannot be changed by the non-profit.

Q: My non-profit is not listed on the site.  How can it be added?

A: If your organization is not listed on the site, it can be added.  Before adding an organization to the site, please see the instructions above to ensure that your organization is not currently listed on SHARE.  To add a non-profit organization to SHARE lehigh valley, you must create an account.  Once you are registered, click Tools at the top of the page and select Add a New Organization

Please note an organization may be added to SHARE even if the organization is not required to file a Form 990.

Q: My non-profit’s address on the map is not our street address.  How can it be fixed?

A: You can change your address by updating your profile. 

Please see below to ensure that you are not updating another program location as your main address.

Q: My NTEE Code is incorrect or I have to add one to a new profile. How can that be completed?

A. The National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system is used by the IRS and NCCS to classify nonprofit organizations.  Each profile on SHARE lehigh valley contains an NTEE Code.  These codes are used in determining Discretionary Grantmaking for the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.

If your organization's NTEE code on a current profile is incorrect please e-mail

If you are adding an organization to SHARE and are unsure about the code, please consult this document from the National Center of Charitable Statistics.  You may also refer to the IRS Business Master File. If you still need assistance please contact

All NTEE code updates, additions or changes are subject to final approval by the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.

Q: My non-profit has multiple program locations.  How can I reflect that on my profile?

A: To add multiple program locations to your profile, you must log in, find your organization and click Add a Program.  At the bottom of that screen is your current location – DO NOT DELETE THIS.  Instead, click Add Another Location.  You may add multiple programs and locations to the non-profit profile.


Q: Can I add my event to the Community Calendar?

A: As to not duplicate services in the Lehigh Valley, the community calendar will link to the calendar at Discover Lehigh Valley.  Events can be added based on their specifications.

Q: I’m hosting a training/seminar/webinar.  Can I post it to the Community Calendar?

A: Training/seminars/webinars should be posted to the Shared Resources section of SHARE lehigh valley.  An account must be created to add to the resources.

Q: I need volunteers, equipment, meeting space, etc.  Where can I find help?

A: Shared Resources is a general marketplace to find office space, supplies or volunteers to be used by both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

The volunteer tab will link you to the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley.  However, supplies and professional services will be posted directly to SHARE.

Q: I have a new report with data about the Lehigh Valley.  Can I share it?

A: Yes, new community reports are welcome on SHARE lehigh valley. Please e-mail a PDF copy of the report to Corrina Lillis at  All reports are subject to Lehigh Valley Community Foundation approval for posting.

Q: When will my updates be live on the site?

A: Most changes should be approved within 24-48 hours.  Updates to the site will need to be approved by the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.

I still need help using SHARE.

If you need help using SHARE lehigh valley, please contact Corrina Passaro, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, at the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.

Phone: 610.351.5353