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Acoma Pueblo Health Council
Data provided by: NM Alliance of Community Health Councils
Date last updated on SHARE: 11/11/2013
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Acoma Pueblo
Program Description
In general, community health councils plan and coordinate community-level responses to pressing health issues. Health Councils usually serve counties or tribal communities. Members of health councils typically include representatives of various community sectors: health care providers, schools, public health officials, health advocates, health care consumers, and community members interested in housing, transportation, economic development, and community wellness. Health councils assess local health needs, identify gaps in services, develop community health plans and priorities, and coordinate community health initiatives. The health councils serve as vital partners with the statewide public health system, providing local information and feedback to the New Mexico Department of Health regarding community health issues. Health councils work to address locally-identified priority issues, such as youth suicide, teen pregnancy prevention, diabetes and obesity prevention, substance abuse and mental health issues, and access to primary health care. For information about Health Councils contact the
Program Services (Specific):
Advocacy/political action (for issues or pops)
Community Health Worker Services
Crisis Intervention - Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Public Health
Wellness programs/Health Promotion
Program location (1):

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