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Acoustic Ecology Institute
Data provided by: Center for Nonprofit Excellence at United Way of Central New Mexico
Date last updated on SHARE: 09/25/2017

Mission Statement:

The Acoustic Ecology Institute works to increase personal and social awareness of our sound environment. Our overarching goal is to encourage appreciation for the sounding world and the development of ethical public policies regarding sound.

Organization Phone: 505-466-1879
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Program Description
Ocean Acoustics Building an archive of research reports and conference proceedings addressing the ways that ocean environments are being studied through sound, and impacted by sound. Educating the general public on basic issues related to ocean acoustics, in order to foster more informed public policy discussions.

Media Writing/editing an online News Digest and Special Reports covering sound-related environmental issues, with active outreach to place stories in the press on these topics. Maintaining News Archives on Ocean, Wildland, and Urban issues, and compiling resources useful to the media (links to advocacy groups across the policy spectrum, background on key issues, summaries of science findings).

Public Policy Engaging in dialogue with public lands managers and agency personnel as they develop new regulations and management plans. Guest-edited a special edition of the Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy on the subject of ocean noise. Providing contacts and links to advocacy organizations across the policy spectrum.

Science of Sound Writing layman's summaries of recent field research. Providing annotated coverage of upcoming and recent scientific conferences. In 2006, launching a new program focusing on creative presentations of scientific research, which engage the imagination and inform the public.

Education Maintaining an online Educators' Resource Center, and presenting programs in classrooms.
Program Services (Specific):
Advocacy/political action (for issues or pops)
Environmental Education and Programs
Media Literacy
Research & Public Policy Analysis
Water Conservation
Program location (1):
45 Cougar Canyon, Santa Fe, 87508-1490
Main Phone Number: (505)466-1879

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