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Albuquerque Citizens Corp Council
Data provided by: Center for Nonprofit Excellence at United Way of Central New Mexico
Date last updated on SHARE: 12/04/2013

Mission Statement: Ensure that our Community is safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to threats of security and welfare that would affect our Community.

Organization Phone: 505-280-6166
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Program Description
Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, government officials increased opportunities for citizens to become an integral part of protecting the homeland and supporting local responders. The formula for ensuring a more secure and safer homeland consists of preparedness, training, and citizen involvement. In January 2002, the President of the United States launched National Citizen Corps to capture the spirit of service that emerged throughout our communities following the terrorist attacks.Albuquerque Citizen Corps Council (ABQCCC) was created in 2005 to coordinate local volunteer activities that make our community safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to emergencies. It provides opportunities for citizens to participate in measures to make their families and their community safer from the threats of crime, terrorism, and disasters of all kinds. The ABQCCC program builds on the successful efforts that are in place in many communities around the country to prevent crime and respond to emergencies at the local level.Albuquerque Citizen Corps is coordinated locally by the City of Albuquerque Office of Emergency Management (OEM). In this capacity, OEM and ABQCCC work closely with local government, first responders, private corporations and the volunteer community to initiate and collaborate on preparedness initiatives.
Program Services (Specific):
Public safety, disaster services
Public Safety, emergency services
Program location (1):
11510 Sunset Gardens SW, Albuquerque, 87121
Main Phone Number: (505)280-6166

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