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Data provided by: Center for Nonprofit Excellence at United Way of Central New Mexico & Santa Fe Community Foundation Birth to Career Project
Date last updated on SHARE: 08/03/2017
Organization Phone: 505-471-4711
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Santa Fe County 4-H Boosters
Program Description
Education of over 3,000 children in the 4-H program.
Program Services (Specific):
Youth Development Programs and Services
Program location (1):
3229 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe, 87507
Main Phone Number: (505)471-4711
County Extension Service
Program Description
'Baby's First Wish' and 'Just in Time Parenting' online newsletters & Nutrition Program: 'Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition'
Program location (1):
3229 Rodoe Road, Santa Fe, 87507, Santa Fe County
Main Phone Number: (505)471-4711
School Encrichment Resource Program
Program Description
4-H School enrichment program. Youth development of llife skills thru project work. projects in STEM, Robotics, public speaking, leadership
Program location (1):
3229 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe
Main Phone Number: (505)471-4711

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