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My Resource Lists
TipTip: How to use My Resource Lists

What are 'My Resource Lists'?

My Resource Lists allow you to build your own lists of organizations and programs. Your lists will be saved to your account and you can access them from any computer, at any time. 'My Resource Lists' also includes the lists of any teams, or user groups, you are a part of on SHARE New Mexico.

How do I create a new list?

Click 'Create new list' and enter a unique name in the pop up window that appears. If you do not see this pop up window, please make sure pop up windows are allowed for this site in your browser settings.

How do I add an organization or program to a list?

You can add to a custom list from search results. To begin, go to the Directory and search for the organization(s) you want to add to your list. From the results page, click 'My Resource Lists' and select the list you want to use. Once you have selected a list, green icons (Add this) will appear next to the results. Click on the Add this to add the organization or program to your custom list.

How do I view a list?

First select an existing list from the dropdown, then click 'View List' (which will appear once a list is selected).

How do I remove an organization or program from my list?

Follow the instructions above to view a list, then click the red icon (Remove this) next to an item (organization or program) to remove that item from your list.

How do I export a list from the site?

While viewing a Resource List, click 'Print' at the top of the list.

Some of the items on my list have a green button, a red button or no button. Why is that?

Whether you are viewing search results to add to your list or your list itself, an item will have a green button to allow you to add it to your list or, if the item is already on your list, a red button to allow you to remove it. If you are viewing your list and an item has no button that means you cannot remove it by itself because it is displaying 'together with' another item. For example, if you add Program A to your list, then Program A's Organization name will display as well (for clarity) - to remove both, you need to remove Program A.

Looking for more information?

Add your organization's information. Go »
Add information about an organization you know about. Go »
Learn how your organization can improve the information that is important to the people you serve. Click to download this information in PDF formatGo »

As a registered user, you can save your favorite organizations or programs in a list that you can use for mapping, analysis or to list your organizations. Researchers can use this feature to list organizations receiving or responding to a survey, associations can use this to identify their member organizations, donors can use this to identify organizations that they think merit more research.

What happens next?
Enter a name below, click 'Create new list' and then click Add This Item to add an item to your list.

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