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Where can I find information on foundations? (FAQ)

To view the Form 990-PF for a specific foundation, you can choose our 990 Image Search or Organization Search.

The NCCS County Browser can be used to see all the foundations in a county. You can drill down from the Country Browser or Organization Search pages to see summary info, view the 990-PF, or automatically Google a private foundation. All of these resources are also available directly from our NCCS Tools page.

NCCS creates our Core-PF files from IRS data from IRS Forms 990-PF filed by private foundations. These files, covering 1989 to the present, are available through our NCCS Data Web. For a listing of variables available, click on the corresponding Data Dictionary.

For foundation prospecting, you may wish to purchase a subscription to the Foundation Center or find a local library that has access to the Foundation Center database. (A list of participating libraries is available on the Foundation Center website.)

For research on foundations, the The Foundation Center and the Council on Foundations have a wealth of information.

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