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Explore this page to share and learn about volunteer opportunities, university resources, and goods being offered for and by our community.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Post volunteer opportunities from your organization for members in the community or search for long-term or short-term volunteer opportunities. Long-term opportunities should be volunteer positions that are ongoing; short-term opportunities should be one-time or time limited volunteer opportunities.  This page works in partnership with the United Way of the Cape Fear Area's Get Connected page.  Volunteer opportunities listed will be cross posted on both websites.

UNCW Resources

Faculty Expertise

The UNCW faculty database includes contact information and areas of expertise to help connect faculty to our community. Search this page and see if participating faculty's area of expertise match your needs.

UNCW Faculty: To view a tutorial on how to upload information to our faculty expertise page, click here.

Service Learning

Service Learning programs are designed to equally benefit the provider and recipient of the service. Equal focus is placed on the organizational outcomes and learning objectives of the student. Service learning opportunities must have academic context and be equal parts learning as it is service to the organization.

Research Opportunity

Research conducted by faculty or staff in which your organization can be a subject and/or beneficiary of research.

Internship Opportunity

While students are encouraged to post internship opportunities they are interested in, organizations are encouraged to post internship opportunities on UNCW’s SeaWork.

Directed Independent Study

Directed Independent Studies are crafted by the professor and students with specific learning outcomes, course objectives, and methods for evaluation in mind. Organizations that participate in this will usually have students execute some sort of task or create something for their organization.

Class Project

Usually assigned for a grade during the academic semester, class projects will come from a student or a group of students looking to complete an assignment for class.


Post goods that you are making available for donation, or solicit good donations for your organization.


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