Engage Southeast North Carolina

Identifying Issues... Crafting Solutions... Taking Action

About Us

Engage SENC is a partnership between United Way of the Cape Fear Area, Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations, the College of Health and Human Services at UNCW, and SEAHEC. Made in collaboration with the Urban Institute, Engage SENC is an easy-to-use and customizable website for communities in Southeastern North Carolina. The website combines public and private sector information on a wide range of issues which impact the quality of life of people living in Southeastern North Carolina, such as housing, health and education. 

Why is Engage SENC Needed?

With growing social needs and reduced funding, many nonprofit and governmental organizations are asked to do more with less. Organizations need to collaborate, to develop evidence-based programs, and to be more accountable. We must work smarter by making better use of information policy makers, funders and service providers do not have the time to find, manage and evaluate the information available in thousands of valuable websites and databases. Our goal is to promote collaboration across geographical and societal boundaries, and allow organizations to work together in ways previously not thought possible.

Where does Engage SENC get Information?

Urban Institute utilizes data from the National Center for Charitable Statistics to create asset maps listing the resources and organizations in a given area. Using organizations' IRS Form-990, asset maps can filter organizations by location, organization type, the service the organizations provide, and an organization's proximity to schools.