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The Nonprofit FAQ: Education & Training

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Australia and the UK
Two universities offer programs about nonprofits.
Are there advanced educational opportunities in East & Central Europe?
Scholars are working to assemble a listing; here is a report of progress.
Indiana University's Philanthropic Studies Library
Many research tools for this extensive collection are available online.
Information on university programs about nonprofits?
There are more than can be listed here. This entry links to resources and lists that can help explore university programs in the US.
Nonprofit Certificate Over the Web
Certificates in Nonprofit Management over the World Wide Web.
Nonprofit Resource Websites
Links to a few of the many resources for nonprofits on the Internet.
Research on Nonprofits
Starting points for learning more about nonprofits and the various ways scholars examine them.
What is American Humanics?
A description of a curriculum used by many undergraduate programs that connect with nonprofit careers.
What is distance learning?
Distance learning -- sometimes called online learning -- means using telecommunications to access sources of learning.
What is the practical difference between Certification and an MBA?
Some practitioners weigh in in favor of the certificate approach.
What is training? learning? development?
Descriptions of key terms in training and development at the Free Management Library
What US schools offer BA & graduate programs on nonprofits?
Links to lists of graduate programs and some information about undergraduate opportunities.
Where are nonprofit conferences listed?
Conference and seminar listing services on the Internet.
Where can I find volunteer opportunities around the world?
Idealist's volunteer center offers a list of organizations to contact and Northwestern University coordinates overseas service-learning projects for the US.
Where can I get training in Volunteer Program Management?
Several resources are linked here.
Where can I learn more about service learning programs?
A couple of useful links