Community Compass

Nonprofit Organizations

Community Compass has many uses for nonprofit organizations:

With our Maps, Resource Lists, and Community Statistics, find potential program partners, especially small organizations or organizations in different fields. You can get a list or a map of organizations in your zip code, town, and county or within a specified distance of your location. For example, an arts organization might want to find an afterschool program to help it start working with youth in the neighborhood.

Thinking of adding a new location or moving? Identify neighborhoods with gaps between their needs and their resources where your organization could make a difference. Make the case to your funders. You can use maps showing Community Indicators of poverty, education level, food deserts or a number of hundreds of other indicators to make the case to your funders that you are working in an area with needs that you can help to meet.

Do you have extra resources you want to share? A part-time bookkeeper who needs more hours? Extra office space? Office or recreational equipment? Do you need any of these resources? Post your extra resources, capabilities or needs on the Shared Resource Module.

Have a presentation for your board or a funder on your organization?s financial performance? Want to compare your performance to other organizations of the same type? Want to create a list of organizations that you consider to be your peers and compare their financial performance over the past 10 years? View standard balance sheet ratios on solvency and liquidity? Our Financial Analysis tools let you do all that and more.

You can track the performance of your programs, their outcomes, numbers served, etc., and show trends using graphs or tables. You can also create a peer learning group of organizations doing similar work and share your performance as a basis for learning about what's working and what is not.

Share knowledge about your community or broader issues. The Knowledgebase contains hundreds of reports and articles of national interest, but you can also use it as a repository for local knowledge. We hope that you will upload your reports and publications so others can learn from your work.

Need a system for managing project teams, especially with other organizations? You can manage teams, projects, and tasks in our flexible Community Project Management System.