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Welcome to Community Compass, Nebraska and Western Iowa's premier resource for bringing together information, ideas, people and change. The nonprofit sector's abilityto strengthen communities requires better information, collaboration, analysis tools, and knowledge-sharing resources. Community Compass provides tools for sharing data, mapping resources and framing causes to help you become well informed, more involved and better connected to build and support the communities and causes you care about.

Nebraska and Western Iowa are home to more than 2,000,000 residents. Characterized by an abundance of natural resources, rolling hills, and expansive prairie, the beautiful Plains truly give their residents "The Good Life". With Omaha as the urban center, exempt organizations in the region far exceed 10,000 including public charities, making nonprofits the third largest industry in Nebraska. Public charities include arts and culture groups, community development organizations, religious groups and institutions, educational institutions and groups, environmental and animal groups, health groups, human services, sports and recreational groups, and other public interests.

Community Compass provides information on all exempt organizations to assist grant makers and those wishing to volunteer, contribute, and/or collaborate with organizations and others dedicated to improving the quality of life in Nebraska and Western Iowa.