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  • $0 gross receipts and total assets
  • Compliance with Information Reporting: Exempt Organizations (Technical Note)
  • Data on Nonprofit Organizations Prior to 1982
  • Mergers and conversions to for-profit status
  • Organization Births: IRS Data Book tables
  • The Catholic Church in the United States At A Glance
  • Abbreviations for column and variable names and descriptions (Helpful Hint)
  • Changes in fiscal years for 990-filers (Technical Note)
  • Changes to the Form 990 in the 1990s (Helpful Hint)
  • Creating a list of active nonprofits using NCCS data: A case study (Method Note)
  • How can I use 990 data to identify a contact person to whom to mail a survey? (Method Note)
  • How do I Cite NCCS Databases in Publications? (FAQ)
  • How long does it typically take for organizations to file their IRS Forms 990? (FAQ)
  • Identifying religious and governmental organizations-Auspice Codes (Method Note)
  • Identifying supporting organizations in NCCS data -- Level2 and Level3 (Method Note)
  • NCCS Files by category and year (Helpful Hint)
  • Problems displaying field names on sample Adobe Acrobat Form 990 (Helpful Hint)
  • SOI-Digitzed Data Variable Crosswalk (Helpful Hint)
  • Studying Relationships Between Nonprofits in Complex Organizational Structures (Method Note)
  • Using NCCS data as a tool for nonprofit research (Method Note)
  • Where is Schedule B -- Confidential List of Contributors in NCCS data? (FAQ)
  • Why are records in the RTF, but not in the BMF? (FAQ)
  • Why Do the Number of Records in the Core Files and the Digitized Data Differ when LATEST is used? (FAQ)
  • Why Do the Number of Records in the Core Files and the Digitized Data Differ? (FAQ)
  • Working with the TIMESTAMP variable (Helpful Hint)